Solving the unsolved

Since deregulation in the 1970s, the airline industry has experienced great advancements. Airlines have always been at the forefront of adopting new technology, and have witnessed major disruptions in reservations, ecommerce, revenue management and operations.

Yet untouched problems remain, and await the expertise and investment needed for effective solutions. These problems need fresh thinking and a fresh approach. They need a new generation of solutions designed by airline and IT industry experts. This is where FlyNava comes in...

Our brand name, FlyNava, nicely sums up what we are all about. Fly refers to our dedication and commitment to the airline industry. Nava signifies new and innovative. It also means nine in Sanskrit. So what's the significance of nine? Well, we have identified nine tough problem areas facing the airline industry, of which airline pricing is just one. We have started afresh to pioneer new solutions within each of these areas:

Fuel hedging management
Mobile sale optimiser
Disruption management
Airline outstation management
NDC e-commerce engine
Aircraft induction
Customer engagement
Cash flow & airline asset optimiser