Welcome to our team

We are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic company with a current crew of around 20 people. Our team is a fascinating blend of industry veterans and fresh talent.

  • Our seasoned experts have well over 100 years' in-depth experience of both the global airline and IT industries. Covering diverse areas from airline pricing, product management and research, through to data science and programme management, we draw on their rich and varied insights.
  • Our team members just entering the industry are hand-picked from some of the best colleges in India. They have great passion, are hungry to succeed, and give refreshingly different perspectives.

This combination energises our team, sparks creative thinking and produces truly innovative solutions. Together they form the beating heart of our company, a family that is united in its quest to solve some of the perennial problems of the airline industry.

We're based in a cosy, creative office space in Koramangala, Bangalore, that reflects our mantra of doing things differently. We are not stifled by tradition, and have a developed a unique office environment, corporate culture and management style, that all act together to foster creativity. Discover more about our how we nurture and support our most precious of assets - our colleagues - here.

So, lets meet the team.......