Emirates Partnership

FlyNava Technologies announces that we are working with Emirates to enhance their pricing decision support system, Jupiter.

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Emirates Partnership

Jupiter is designed to take on the complex challenges of pricing

  • View market performance in seconds
  • Strategy alignment
  • Assurance of accuracy
  • Manage everything from a single platform
  • Analytics module for efficiency
  • Bulk fare filing, corporate fare filing and other features generate 2-4% more revenue

  • 72 KPIs to measure performance  
  • 5x faster time to market
  • Improved productivity
  • Autopilot functionality
  • Flexible pricing models
Jupiter's Key Features

Analytics Module

Jupiter analyzes data to get you the most relevant information on future market demand and additionally suggests which channels and brands are the right fit. Optimize your strategies by keeping track of your actions in real-time.

Effortless Corporate Filing

We have revolutionized the industry’s most complex and time-consuming process of corporate rules filing with the average time to file, pre-validation and GFS reduced from 5 to 0.5 days with Jupiter. It’s as simple as upload, click, and file.

Autopilot Filing

Jupiter’s strategy and pricing building models can set the filing process on autopilot for 5X faster filing. While the system processes the routine tasks, you can utilize the saved time to review market insights from the Market Analyzer.

Smart Alerts

Are you ready to reboot when the demand picks up? With 90+ Smart Alerts, always be proactive and ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on 100% markets, and never fail to address the booming demand.

Bulk Fare Updates

We have built an automated, intelligent, insightful, and transparent pricing and filing experience that puts you in control for all your pricing decisions and implements bulk fare updates faster than ever before.

The FlyNava Story

Listen to our Chief Executive, Mahesh Shastry, talk about our journey of passion, patience, and perseverance

Our Team

Mahesh Shastry

Mahesh Shastry


Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth Sharma

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Pricing Meets Innovation

Pricing Meets Innovation

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Pricing Meets Innovation
Pricing Meets Innovation