Jupiter is a revolutionary pricing decision support system

What Is Jupiter

Creating and filing optimized fares is a challenging task that requires a lot of tedious manual work and pricing analysts are not able to leverage real time market opportunities.
We have created Jupiter, a radical new pricing decision support system, designed to tackle the complex legacy problems faced by pricing analysts. It will empower airlines to create optimal fares based on a sound foundation of logic, formulating prices that consider an unprecedented range of factors.

Jupiter enables users to complete their fare filing tasks up to 5 times over in less than a quarter of the time.
This significantly reduces time to market, and reduces the cost component. Fare filing to fares management.

How It Works

Jupiter automates the manual part of the job, all while providing the user complete control of the system. We have got to the point where humans cannot analyse millions of floated fares without a technically advanced automated support.

Jupiter has access to multiple data sources of information, all operating in real time. Jupiter also improves efficiency of fare filing by giving the user the ability to spot ineffective (stale) fares and take action.
Previously non-measurable historical data can be effectively measured through a vast array of KPIs and determine the performance.

Jupiter - FareByRule Screen

Effortless Corporate Filing

Usually a lot time and manual work goes into identifying the table numbers for each tariff and rule ID. Jupiter automatically finds these table numbers from ATPCO database. The information can then be downloaded in PDF and these instructions guide the user about the changes to be made in ATPCO.

Users can directly upload FBR excel files on Jupiter to convert these files into formats that are much quicker to process. The user is able to edit or save these as templates for future use.

Demand Stimulation

Market stimulation will rank high on the list of priorities for airlines post Covid-19. To create a demand in the market, multiple airlines will focus on filing surcharges for low fare flights. Jupiter is implemented with ATPCO API Integration through which the users can directly update the surcharge fare categories. This means that Jupiter provides the user with 100 % automation of surcharge filing.

Any important observations to be made are highlighted in the records and the user has the ability to make corrections on the go. As with other category systems, this process is also fully automated while providing users complete control.

Bulk Fare Filing

There is high uncertainty in the opening and closing of routes in the post-pandemic world. The Bulk Fare update feature mitigates this dilemma. With Jupiter’s fully automated ability, users can update bulk fares instantaneously. Users have the option to update bulk fares through system and excel.

Once the bulk fares are uploaded on Jupiter, the system runs various validation checks in the background. If any of the validations fail, the user is notified. Jupiter also provides the Web and public view to review the pre and post validation of filing, all from a single screen.

Analytics Module

Jupiter’s intelligent analyzers can provide meaningful insights on future demand by churning meaning out of operational and search data. Personalized offers can be sent to customers through a next-generation persona analyzer.

Fare and Channel Analyzers highlights the right brands and channels to focus on. Market and competitor analyzers help in keeping tabs on real-time actions to stay ahead of competitors.  Our strategy analyzer lets you optimize strategies in markets by focusing on effective strategies and fine-tuning inefficient ones.

Workflow Module

The workflow screen shows the quantum of work present for the pricing analyst. The workflow screen allows the pricing analyst to address the markets where triggers have been raised to take a decision against the fares by accessing the information for those markets.

The pricing analyst can analyze all the available information against markets at different levels and take actions in the markets by either accepting the recommended fare, changing it by increasing or decreasing, rejecting or keeping it under watch.

User-Controlled Triggers

Jupiter presents pending actions and decisions for those actions in the form of triggers. The Market Review screen allows the user to create triggers manually by querying for any number of markets or only on specific routes.

Users see the system recommendations after evaluating any number of markets. Creating manual triggers raises system triggers if it is not already present for the market, and travel period combination. All the performance numbers required to evaluate the queried markets can be seen.

Pricing Meets Innovation

Pricing Meets Innovation

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Pricing Meets Innovation
Pricing Meets Innovation