Jupiter is the go-to pricing solution for your organisation

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Faster Time to Market
2 -4%
Possible Increase in Revenue
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Triggers for Fare Information
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Information Data Connectors
KPIs Driven Performance
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Clicks to File Fares
Jupiter for C-level Executives

View Market Performance in Seconds

Jupiter can display a summary of demand generation, giving you the ability to review your company’s performance at your fingertips

Strategy Alignment

Jupiter’s optimized fares suggestions will allow you to design strategies to create demand effectively in relevant market

Cheaper, Faster, Better

Jupiter can improve productivity by 10%, increase revenues by 2-4%, and reduce time to market down to minutes, all while cutting down on operational costs

Assurance of Accuracy

Jupiter filters out rogue fares and files the most optimized fare

Jupiter for Pricing Analysts

Reduced Time to Market

With Jupiter, users can reduce the time taken to finish their work down to minutes, giving them more time to address more of the market and create revenue growth opportunities

Productivity Benefits

With Jupiter, experience increased productivity by up to 10%: Bulk fare filing, surcharges, corp- orate filing can all be completed from Jupiter

Autopilot Function

Jupiter gives you the ability to set it to file fares automatically. The whole process is flexible: you can choose what is to be done manually and what is to be left on autopilot

Flexible Pricing Models

Jupiter’s auto filing recommendation lets users choose pricing models in real-time to cater to different markets

Performance Tracking

Using a host of 90+ triggers in Jupiter, users can track the market and align their strategies to proactively offer a change in prices in real-time

Jupiter for Revenue Heads

Single Platform, Single View

Jupiter allows users to view all performance-related KPIs like revenue generation and market performance from a single dashboard

Analytics Module

Managers will find productivity and efficiency gains by using Jupiter. Jupiter’s analytics module is designed to get more work done effectively in a short span

Training Requirements

With Jupiter, training is a simple process. Users can hit the ground running in minutes

Reduced Errors

Users have complete control. Rogue fares are minimized, reducing unnecessary losses in revenue

Pricing Meets Innovation

Pricing Meets Innovation

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Pricing Meets Innovation
Pricing Meets Innovation